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Z Channel – Bot enabled business messaging

Z Channel

This RCS Messaging Platform improves messaging functionality on phones too.

Z Channel is facebook page or twitter account in IM application that any ZORO.IM user can follow. Z Channel is bot assisted marketing and sales channel of your business. Z channel bestows an effective medium to acquire and engage the consumers, especially the next generation consumers - MILLENIALS. Create Z Channel in less than 5 minutes and send Targeted broadcasts based on age, gender, location or relevance. Send Polls, surveys, contest, event, coupons. Sell product or service with single click.

Our ZORO.IM is new contextual communication and WhatsApp like app which includes features like instant messaging, image sharing and OTT calling

Truly all-platform support

Robin - AI BOT

Using RCS Messaging App gives us higher picture quality, group chats, videos, location sharing.

Ask Robin best offers and discounts about any brand and it will get you the deals from every corner of internet in minutes. You can ask Robin about any product or service you want to purchase and it will suggest local businesses or pull information from online business.

ZORO.IM is a OTT calling app available for iOS, Android, web, PC, Linux and Mac.

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Rich messaging is essentially enhanced SMS and MMS.

Know who else from your contacts are on ZORO.IM Chat, Audio, Video call with your friends. Like business promotions and make it visible in feeds of your friends All your mCommerce transactions like booking hotels, buying movie tickets, booking holiday package etc., can be handled easily through ZORO.IM.

Our unique IM platform enables rapid deployment of custom enterprise-grade instant messaging and collaborative information access services within distributed network environments.

app highlights

Robin-The AI Bot

A real time saver, driving our communication, and future of our memory.



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Our ZORO.IM, a Communication app helps individuals to stay in touch with friends and loved ones.

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Our Group video chat feature makes it easy to connect up to 10 or more people at once.