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ZORO - Chat and Buy with  Business Bots 

Z Channel is your mCommerce platform, using which you can enjoy Mobile Commerce with ease and this makes ZORO.IM truly mCommerce App.

Attention Businesses

ZORO is perfect app to make your business viral and engage your consumers especially Millennial. Click here to create your bot assisted Z channel and get listed on ZORO app


Imagine ZORO as Facebook of businesses, where you see latest feeds of your favorites business. One gateway for you to connect to all business. What more? Ask Robin about your latest offers and find products over chat

Z Channel – Bot enabled business messaging

Z Channel

To Businesses - Z Channel is your most effective Chat/IM channel to acquire and engage consumers especially the next generation consumers – MILLENIALS. Create Z Channel in less than 5 minutes, configure your own AI bot workflow and impress your consumers. Send Targeted broadcasts based on age, gender, location or relevance. Send Polls, surveys, contest, event, coupons. Sell product or service with single click.

Truly all-platform support

Robin – Your AI shopping buddy

Ask Robin best offers, discounts or products about any brand and it will get you the deals from every corner of internet in seconds. You can ask Robin about any product or service you want to purchase and it will suggest local businesses.

Z Wallet

Stay Social

Know who else from your contacts are on ZORO.IM Chat, Audio, Video call with your friends. It is smart to be social while you stay connected with your favorite brands. Like business promotions and make it visible in feeds of your friends.

app highlights

ROBIN – Your AI Shopping Buddy

Robin is here to disrupt the way you find offers and products. Now Get your virtual shopping assistant in your Pocket.