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ZORO introducing an exciting “Offers” feature


ZORO is excited to announce a feature that helps search offers and discounts nearby.
Now you can search for available offers and discounts near you.

The Offer feature is specially added for shopaholics who would like to stay updated about the latest discounts and deals. This helps people know about the deals in their cities.

Why SME’s need chatbots? Chatbots are not just for Big Businesses.


SME’s are growing at fast pace across the world. In 2017 there has been increase in revenue of about 4% in U.S small businesses compared to 2016. Below Statistics depicts the increase in revenue of U.S small business owners compared to 2016.

Is Chatbot Enough? Need More !!, then switch to ZORO


Chatbots have almost revolutionized the way people communicate with businesses. Chatbots have decreased manpower by about 70%, and still it is estimated by 2020 85% of customer support will be handled by Chatbots.


ZORO.IM For Business just got a lot Better


ZORO.IM is Constantly working to improve the solution and add new features.
We have added many new exciting features in ZORO.IM for Business, Hence it just got a lot better.

ZORO Launched Robin for Messenger


ZORO Announces the Launch Robin on Messenger.
Robin is making the best efforts of being your best shopping buddy!!
You can ask about any offers and deals on any brands to Robin from messenger itself.

Chatbot for Marketing and Sales


Marketing has always being the area of research and experiments for businesses. Businesses always try to implement new ways in their marketing strategies so that they can get better results every time. Also it becomes necessary to get the results out of marketing campaigns so as to be ahead of competitors.

Chatbot for Shopping


With the revolution in AI, Chatbots have become the priority asset in all sectors. Every business wants a chatbot for their customer support services and every individual wants to chat with a chatbot. Chatbots are widely used for serving and entertaining people in all possible ways. Similarly, chatbots also saves a lot of time in many operational sectors.

Important Updates of ZORO App


We are extremely pleased to inform you that ZORO has launched a very important update, kindly update your app.

Stay in touch with local business
ZORO has introduced hyper-local business channels. So if you are a university, hospital or retail shop, create Z Channel with us immediately – doesn’t matter you are in India or Africa or America. We are very gl



Introducing CallKit in iOS, and how to implement it in VOIP apps is causing buzz.  ZORO.IM for business has promulgated and implemented the exemplary CallKit.

Before, the user experience with 3rd party VoIP app in iOS was cumbersome.  If the phone is locked and user is receiving an incoming a call, it will be received as notification.  Since the notifications ar

ZORO.IM introduces AI BOT Assistant - ROBIN who knows all answers and Social Feeds for you to Stay Updated



ZORO.IM is among the first adaptors of AI Bot that goes by the name Robin. We are standing on the verge of huge changes. Chatbots have drastically changed consumer and workplace communications. 

Why use Bot assisted messaging app?


Through ZORO.IM our Z Channel gives power of messaging to every SME, retail chain, professional service provider, banks, telecoms and many more. It gives you an edge to acquire, engage and communicate with consumers by giving BOT that provides bot assisted customer support.

ZORO.IM Rolled Out Android Nougat update


Once again ZORO.IM makes life at ease. The functionality of ZORO.IM is demonstrated here. Its feature takes you seamlessly to -

  • New conversation
  • New audio calls
  • New video calls 
ZORO.IM at Gitex 2016


GITEX 2016 had organized the most global start-up movement with numerous entrepreneurs from more than 30 different countries.  I, Jimmy Padia attended one of the third largest technology event in the world.

It was great to hear Aseem Puri (Marketing director, Unilever International) talk about ‘Digital Marketing&rs

ZORO.IM at National Summit on Innovation and Technology(NSIT)


At Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar on 30th September and 1st October, ZORO.IM is one of the fortunate nominee in category of - featured startup at National Summit on Innovation and Technology.  
The Government of Gujarat through its Department of Science and Technology brings an awesome opportunity for all the entrepreneurs. It was a great forum to meet

ZORO.IM is a new avatar of Skype, Viber and WhatsApp


The world is changing fast and so is the communication. In the growing business world, communication is most essential element for the growth in each sector. International call traffic exceeded 500 billion minutes in year 2013, 2014 and 2015 successively, showing the growth in use of Voice communication in today’s world. With the help of call forwarding and in

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