Chatbot for Marketing and Sales
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Chatbot for Marketing and Sales

Chatbot for Marketing and Sales

Marketing has always being the area of research and experiments for businesses. Businesses always try to implement new ways in their marketing strategies so that they can get better results every time. Also it becomes necessary to get the results out of marketing campaigns so as to be ahead of competitors.

In each and every niche there is tremendous amount of competition, therefore businesses always make the best marketing efforts in all ways.

We all are aware with the use of chatbot for all kind of marketing tasks for example now a days Messenger chatbots are trending for response to customers inquiries on Facebook. Also businesses implement chatbot customer support on their business websites so that their customers need not to wait for their responses.

There are many benefits of using chatbot for marketing, and a business whether small or big can take advantage of this.

In next few years chatbot for sales will be must for all businesses, this may also be termed as “Marketing Bots”. This will lead to chatbots marketing era, where almost all the marketing will be done by automated chatbots which are trained in such a way to serve the best to customers. This will make a massive increase in number of companies using chatbots. Companies using chatbots will be easily able to deliver the best support and care to their customers, therefore increasing their revenue at a faster pace.

ZORO.IM attempts to make a huge difference in the field of marketing by implementing “Chatbot Marketing Channel”. This can also be named as chatbot for sales and marketing.

ZORO.IM allows businesses to create their own marketing channels known as Z Channels and through those channels a business can broadcast their updates to all consumers.

Z Channel can be called as a two way communication between a business and customer. People can follow a Z Channel to get regular updates from a business. They can also message a business in a channel where the message will only be seen by a business admin and not all following a channel. This gives a business the authority to give appropriate response to the customer and the response will only be viewed by the customer.

Also a business gets benefit of a chatbot in the channel. Chatbots are capable enough of replying instant queries. Getting a Chatbot Marketing Channel on ZORO.IM can give a boost to any business marketing efforts. According to a research 65% of consumers want to message a business, and these consumers are likely to follow your business for updates.

ZORO.IM gives you a simple one step creation process of your Z Channel and broadcasting updates on Z Channel. This provides you a way of getting directly in touch with your potential customers, and helps you in getting maximum out of your business efforts.

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