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Chatbot for Shopping

Chatbot for Shopping

With the revolution in AI, Chatbots have become the priority asset in all sectors. Every business wants a chatbot for their customer support services and every individual wants to chat with a chatbot. Chatbots are widely used for serving and entertaining people in all possible ways. Similarly, chatbots also saves a lot of time in many operational sectors.

Brands are enthusiast in adapting chatbots to provide customer support as well as other possible services, so that people get immediate responses and support for their queries. Chatbots are very advantageous for any business if implemented correctly.

Development of Bots for all platforms is escalating at faster pace. There are number of ways brands have implemented chatbots on different platforms. Chatbots have also being developed for shopping and ecommerce businesses.

Ecommerce brands can think of getting chatbot for business. Chatbots can be beneficial for ecommerce industry in many ways. Not only brands but it will also be helpful for shoppers.

There is immense amount of competition between ecommerce brands, therefore brands need to implement different marketing strategies to keep engage their customers as well as attract new customers. In such a scenario, ecommerce brands will be adapting the power of chatbots.


Mostly finding perfect item at affordable prices is tiresome sometimes. Shopaholics enjoy their quest but non-shoppers struggle at this points. Either they end up unsatisfied or they ask others to shop for them. Here chatbots can be very helpful in shopping, chatbots can suggest products based on expected budget. Also chatbots can show up the products or services already loved by your friends and family. So that it helps you in making decision.


We can predict chatbot for ecommerce or chatbot for shopping will be the new achievement for ecommerce brands. In near future, before shopping people will take inputs from chatbots or people will 100% rely on chatbots. They will shop directly from chatbot, in fact they just need to make a choice and rest all will be done by a chatbot. This can be termed as Chatbot Shopping.


In ZORO.IM we have implemented an ecommerce chatbot named ROBIN.


ROBIN helps you with all the latest offers, deals and discounts so that you no more have to search for saving your own money!!

You can ask ROBIN about Travel, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Banking etc. In all sectors ROBIN is intelligent enough to serve you the best deals around the world. One can call ROBIN as a Chatbot for shopping or a chatbot for ecommerce.

ROBIN can help you buy any product or service. Even you can have a look at the news feed to know about what are the places liked by your friends and family.  ROBIN can be the best guide for shopping for anyone, it helps in saving more on everything you buy. Just get the best discounts on products and services you use regularly.



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