Important Updates of ZORO App
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Important Updates of ZORO App

Important Updates of ZORO App

We are extremely pleased to inform you that ZORO has launched a very important update, kindly update your app.

Stay in touch with local business
ZORO has introduced hyper-local business channels. So if you are a university, hospital or retail shop, create Z Channel with us immediately – doesn’t matter you are in India or Africa or America. We are very global and cater to every city in every country.

Bot assisted channel for each business
If you are local, national or global channel, you can register a Z channel with us and you will receive login to your own bot panel. You can create a workflow for bot and impress your consumers!

Ask Robin before you buy anything! Robin will find you best offers for any specific product or brand!

Robin is also smart enough to pull suitable products from popular e-Commerce website and suggest you over chat.
Hi Robin, please suggest best offers for iPhone 7
Hi Robin, are there any coupons for Bahubali movie ?
Show me some options of Arrow shirt
Suggest best travel deals for Dubai
What are best packages for Europe tour ?
Hey Robin, I am getting hungry can you suggest some offers on pizza?

Robin is available inside ZORO app or on facebook messenger


pizza offers     camera offers    kurti offers  


tshirt offers    shoes offers



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