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Why use Bot assisted messaging app?


Through ZORO.IM our Z Channel gives power of messaging to every SME, retail chain, professional service provider, banks, telecoms and many more. It gives you an edge to acquire, engage and communicate with consumers by giving BOT that provides bot assisted customer support.

ZORO.IM introduces AI BOT Assistant - ROBIN who knows all answers and Social Feeds for you to Stay Updated



ZORO.IM is among the first adaptors of AI Bot that goes by the name Robin. We are standing on the verge of huge changes. Chatbots have drastically changed consumer and workplace communications. 

Important Updates of ZORO App


We are extremely pleased to inform you that ZORO has launched a very important update, kindly update your app.

Stay in touch with local business
ZORO has introduced hyper-local business channels. So if you are a university, hospital or retail shop, create Z Channel with us immediately – doesn’t matter you are in India or Africa or America. We are very gl

Chatbot for Shopping


With the revolution in AI, Chatbots have become the priority asset in all sectors. Every business wants a chatbot for their customer support services and every individual wants to chat with a chatbot. Chatbots are widely used for serving and entertaining people in all possible ways. Similarly, chatbots also saves a lot of time in many operational sectors.

Chatbot for Marketing and Sales


Marketing has always being the area of research and experiments for businesses. Businesses always try to implement new ways in their marketing strategies so that they can get better results every time. Also it becomes necessary to get the results out of marketing campaigns so as to be ahead of competitors.

Is Chatbot Enough? Need More !!, then switch to ZORO


Chatbots have almost revolutionized the way people communicate with businesses. Chatbots have decreased manpower by about 70%, and still it is estimated by 2020 85% of customer support will be handled by Chatbots.


Why SME’s need chatbots? Chatbots are not just for Big Businesses.


SME’s are growing at fast pace across the world. In 2017 there has been increase in revenue of about 4% in U.S small businesses compared to 2016. Below Statistics depicts the increase in revenue of U.S small business owners compared to 2016.