Why use Bot assisted messaging app?
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Why use Bot assisted messaging app?

Why use Bot assisted messaging app?

Through ZORO.IM our Z Channel gives power of messaging to every SME, retail chain, professional service provider, banks, telecoms and many more. It gives you an edge to acquire, engage and communicate with consumers by giving BOT that provides bot assisted customer support.

Z Channel has become part of digital trend that assists you in targeted broadcast based on age, gender, location or relevance. Also facilitates a business in taking polls, surveys, and contest so that they can know how popular they are and what is to be done to draw more customers. It also relinquishes freedom to buy and sell products and services too! It is one window for anybody to contact customer support for all companies and to stay connected with your favourite professionals, brands, and clubs.


ZORO.IM – 100% Saas based Unified communication, collaboration, telephony and business messaging – the all in one platform for individuals and enterprises


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