ZORO.IM at Gitex 2016
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ZORO.IM at Gitex 2016

ZORO.IM at Gitex 2016

GITEX 2016 had organized the most global start-up movement with numerous entrepreneurs from more than 30 different countries.  I, Jimmy Padia attended one of the third largest technology event in the world.

It was great to hear Aseem Puri (Marketing director, Unilever International) talk about ‘Digital Marketing’.   He spoke how you should be able to trigger one of the six emotions – happiness, surprise, fear, lust, sadness through your marketing so as to get some undivided attention; as people want to be entertained.   

He concluded his session with couple of interesting punches that can help businesses to implement digital marketing without investing even a dime! This took me to a completely different level of thinking! It left me spell bound.  

Secondly, I attended program on ‘Inspired Innovation’ by Deep Nishar (Managing Director of Soft Bank Group International) He gave couple of very interesting tips on how to build great products keeping in mind tab, mobile and web. It was very fruitful session for us and I am going to use it polish ZORO.IM.

 As technology is advancing every minute, there are serious issues regarding security.  So there was a serious discussion on the battle for a secured internet and how to stay ahead.  Another highlight was the ‘Drones for Good’.  They had a stunning demo.  It was a perfect example of enhancing human productivity.

 On 17th there were quite a few workshops.  But the most interesting one was ‘how to pitch to investors’ and also ‘how to avoid start up Founder mistakes.’ Each day was filled with loads of informative activities on game simulators, on advancement in medical equipment and also other hardware products.

There was lots of interaction between new born companies with their potential investors, there were discussions on making digital marketing more feasible, internet security, artificial intelligence etc.

 These five days were very invigorating.  I met Enterprises across Meena who want to utilize ZORO.IM.  Also our other potential partners like Lebanon, India, Iran, Kuwait, Dubai (UAE) have expressed their interest in ZORO.IM for their business purpose.  I got to know all the partners not only professionally but also personally.

 It was nostalgic experience to meet old friends and also other friends who have relocated to Dubai from other countries.  We had great bonding over dinners and other outings’ which has made our friendship everlasting.


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