ZORO.IM is a new avatar of Skype, Viber and WhatsApp
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ZORO.IM is a new avatar of Skype, Viber and WhatsApp

ZORO.IM is a new avatar of Skype, Viber and WhatsApp

The world is changing fast and so is the communication. In the growing business world, communication is most essential element for the growth in each sector. International call traffic exceeded 500 billion minutes in year 2013, 2014 and 2015 successively, showing the growth in use of Voice communication in today’s world. With the help of call forwarding and international roaming we are facilitated to get all the incoming calls from anywhere in this world. The modes of communication have become more advanced with the time - from Post to telegram, telephone, wireless phone, mobile phone, email, short messages, Internet calling (VoIP), and Instant Messaging.

The next era of communication is going to be even smarter with Contextual Communication which can also be defined as Unified Communication. Contextual Communication is a combination of Fabulous Fours – Unified communication, Telephony, Collaboration and Business messaging. Yes, Jimmy & his team have integrated them all in one cloud based platform and they call it – ZORO.IM.


ZORO.IM seems deceptively simple to use, but there was immense designing and innovation involved in its creation. It is 100% SaaS based, all platform OTT app. Any individual or enterprise can use ZORO.IM for all manner of their communication requirements. It is available in 2 variants:

  1. ZORO.IM
  2. ZORO.IM for business

We can imagine ZORO.IM as a mix of WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Skype for Business (formerly known as Microsoft Lync) with great ease to register or login plus a unique feature what they call it Z Channel (details coming soon), to acquire, engage and support customers.

   Introducing ZORO.IM, Jimmy promises you:  Simplicity means app is extremely easy to use and beautifully designed, you can login with mobile number from multiple devices or any platform (iOS, Android, Web, Mac, Windows PC, Linux or Mac) at the same time!

   Also improves employee’s Productivity and make them happy campaigners by leveraging tools for voice, video, IM, and letting your business flourish.

   It reflects Cost efficiency as you can enjoy outgoing international calls on bases of Pay as You Go and rejoice with free roaming all around the world!

   ZORO.IM runs on very secure Microsoft Azure Server to ensure Security of your data.

   And as an extra icing on the top it consumes less mobile battery and works seamlessly in low data bandwidth.

Glimpse of the features available for individual users in ZORO.IM:

  1. Unified communication - Login or sign-up from multiple device same time and your contacts, calls and chat, read receipts is synced
  2. Rich chat/IM
  3. App to app audio and video calls
  4. Audio and video calls
  5. Call anywhere and pay as you go
  6. Buy local number of any country and use for incoming/outgoing from ZORO.IM
  7. Roam international with zero charges by forwarding your primary mobile number to ZORO.IM app

For Business, ZORO.IM will completely replace the desk phones.  Thus, broadening the target audience to every person regardless of their designation.

The features offered in ZORO.IM for business:

  1. Sign-up, setup and configure enterprise-wide platform within minutes from powerful ZORO.IM cloud based administration panel.
  2. Setup departments, manage employees and allow features based on employee role.
  3. All platform IP Telephony (VoIP).
  4. RCS (Rich communication suite) platform.
  5. Audio and Video conference feature
  6. International Roaming and call forwarding.
  7. Easy collaboration tools such as screen sharing and meeting request.
  8. Audio-video enabled customer care.

As more and more applications are becoming available and teams are becoming more mobile, it is necessary to choose the tools that optimize your business communication technologies for efficient operation every day. The communication can’t be underplayed in today’s world, and it’s our top priority to offer the easy to use and secured communication platform.

For business users, benefit with free ZORO.IM for business platform for < 10 users. For more details email connect@zoro.im





ZORO.IM – 100% Saas based Unified communication, collaboration, telephony and business messaging – the all in one platform for individuals and enterprises


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