ZORO.IM Rolled Out Android Nougat update
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ZORO.IM Rolled Out Android Nougat update

ZORO.IM Rolled Out Android Nougat update

Once again ZORO.IM makes life at ease. The functionality of ZORO.IM is demonstrated here. Its feature takes you seamlessly to -

  • New conversation
  • New audio calls
  • New video calls 

Meaning if you give a tap long on ZORO.IM icon, the above 3 choices will appear.  Then if you click on audio calls you will directly get your contact page. Isn’t that convenient?

We live in an age of ever increasing connectivity and reliance on technology.  At the same time, we also live in an age that requires power to monitor emails and text messages that are sent.  

Another attractive feature lets you send or share photos, videos and documents over chat. It even lets you switch apps with a long tap furthermore, runs two apps side by side.  So go ahead, watch a movie while texting, or reading a recipe and be in two places at a time! ZORO.IM is a four square client for android that supports nougat too.




ZORO.IM – 100% Saas based Unified communication, collaboration, telephony and business messaging – the all in one platform for individuals and enterprises


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