ZORO Launched Robin for Messenger
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ZORO Launched Robin for Messenger

ZORO Launched Robin for Messenger

ZORO Announces the Launch Robin on Messenger.
Robin is making the best efforts of being your best shopping buddy!!
You can ask about any offers and deals on any brands to Robin from messenger itself.

⦁    Hi Robin, please suggest best offers for iPhone 7
⦁    Show me some options of Arrow shirt
⦁    Suggest best travel deals for Dubai
⦁    What are best packages for Europe tour?
⦁    Hey Robin, I am getting hungry can you suggest some offers on pizza?

Get to know offers based on brands, prices, categories and much more.

ROBIN is the World’s First AI Chatbot which is not driven by user inputs. But responds to each and every query.

Launching Robin for Messenger will help people to save more!!

On 12th April 2016, Facebook announced Messenger platform with chatbots. Facebook allowed businesses to deliver automated customer support, guidance and interactive functionalities through chatbots.

Also the data shows that search trend for word “Facebook Bots” has increased over time.

After the launch, Facebook have claimed over 33,000 bots in September 2016.

Here are the Statistics showing the category of bots on messenger.

Statistics showing the category of bots on messenger
Now Hurry Up and try Robin Today!!


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