IP Telephony, roaming, messaging, meetings, screen sharing and
video conference - all in one app


Easy to sign-up and login

Easy to sign-up and login

Easy to sign-up and login

zoro.im is SaaS based platform, so you focus on your business and not managing servers. Our cloud servers are secured and scalable to handle your telephony, conference and collaboration requirements.

Setup enterprise-wise pbx within minutes

Setup a hosted-pbx for your business, locations, departments, employees in less than 5 minutes

All platform support Android, iOS and Web

Our subscribers can sign-up or login app in multi-device (iOS, Android or mobile) same time and can access contact book (phone book) across all devices

Enjoy international calling at very low call charges with zoro.im cross platform telephony.

All platform IP Telephony (VoIP)

Still investing in physical IP phones?
Migrate to next generation app based IP Telephony platform zoro.im

All platform IP Telephony (VoIP)

Assign extension

Can assign unique extension number to each of your employees. This will make connecting to each and every employee an easy task.

Our zoro.im is new contextual communication and WhatsApp like app which includes features like instant messaging, image sharing and OTT calling

Set Credit limit

Can set certain limit for each employee to use.

Call forward

Can purchase local number and all incoming calls will be forwarded to that number through zoro.im app.

Compatible with SIP IP phones

Want to use SIP based IP phones or soft-phone? zoro.im is fully compatible with SIP clients

Assign direct lines

Buy and assign direct PSTN or DID lines to employees or departments

Call transfer

Transfer calls from web to mobile app or from one extension to another one

Incoming and Outgoing calls

Get in-bound calls from other extension or PSTN network Place outgoing calls to any PSTN number

RCS (Rich communication suite)

Enrich your business communication with our rich communication suite

RCS (Rich communication suite)

Verify mobile number

zoro.im is all in one app that provides instant messaging platform, Cross platform Telephony, Collaboration Platform and Video Calling – that makes zoro.im a complete rich communication suite (RCS) platform.

When you login from mobile device, your mobile number will be verified. You can use this mobile number as CLI in outgoing calls

Contact or phone book synchronization

Login from android or iOS and zoro.im will sync your contacts to display free list. When you login on web or other device, see your global free list

Invite by username or email or phone number

Invite other users that are not in your phone contacts via email

Enterprise-wide GAL (Global address list)

zoro.im lists your company colleagues, you can chat or call them with a click

Rich message

Why only chat, transfer images, videos or any files to your app contacts

Video conference

Why invest in expensive video conferencing gadgets? Let your remote teams seamlessly interact over video conference with highly optimized Video Conferencing App - zoro.im.

International Roaming and call forwarding

International Roaming and call forwarding

Forward your mobile phone to app

Roam anywhere in the world without worrying about high roaming charges with free roaming app - zoro.im

Travelling to Dubai for business? Forward your mobile number to zoro.im and roam anywhere for free

zoro.im is a OTT calling app available for iOS, Android, web, PC, Linux and Mac.

Buy a local DID number inside app

Travelling to Singapore for 3 days? Just buy a local DID, give to your local contacts and enjoy incoming calls on zoro.im app

Outgoing calls with local DID or your home number

Make outgoing PSTN calls with any verified mobile number or local DID

High on technology, low on usage

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High on technology, low on usage

Low bandwidth support

Make and receive calls even with low data bandwidth < 2 KBPS

Low battery and mobile processor consumption

zoro.im is developed with most advance communication technologies that will utilize minimal mobile battery and mobile processor


zoro.im works behind firewalls or proxy and can bypass any VoIP blockages

zoro.im is only working unified communication app in blocked regions of UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Easy collaboration tools

Your employees are based across multiple locations? Increase productivity with easy collaboration tools of zoro.im

Easy collaboration tools

Setup meeting

Generate a unique link for meeting and share with attendees. Give a high-tech feel to your vendors or interviewees or corporates by letting them join the meeting from browser or mobile app and have audio/video conference call or screen share

Our unique IM platform enables rapid deployment of custom enterprise-grade instant messaging and collaborative information access services within distributed network environments.

Screen sharing

Share your screen while on audio or video call or conference. You can view the screen share on mobile device as well


Want to arrange a webinar online for training ? zoro.im white-board feature lets you scribble on screen while screen sharing




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