Create Z channel – Floating AI Bot powered messaging channel(s)

Why use Z Channel ?

  • Communication channel: 2-way Chat/IM channel to acquire and engage consumers especially millennial and next generation of shoppers
  • Chatbot: Platform to create DIY Chatbot with NLP, Workflow and Machine learning modules
  • Consumer engagement tools: Include Z channel in your mobile app and engage your users with surveys, polls, broadcasts, new arrivals, coupons, contents and many more
  • eCommerce: Z channel allows to buy multiple products, check-out to kart page and complete buy. Manage your products and inventory with powerful ZORO backend portal
  • Loyalty program: Configure loyalty program within your channel
  • iBeacon: engage nearby consumers by sending them offer of the day or personalized message
  • Omni-Channel: Float Z channel(s) inside your web site or mobile app
  • Switch to Live Chat - Give your consumer flexibility to switch back and forth between bot and human agent