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Our survey revealed the top 3 reasons consumers want to
text with businesses are


To get regular updates on product or service information


To schedule or confirm an appointment


To get in touch with customer support


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Know what’s on sale in your favourite store and get regular updates.

Now Top industries’ consumers are most likely to message.Looking at the statistics – lifestyle industry is at 87%! This category is the one using Z channel the most.

Here, people benefit as they can be updated with modern trends and the industry gets the benefit of becoming popular and can easily broadcast their products, sales etc…


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Want to know all your options in choosing your career path?

About 90% of students use this to get all information on their syllabus, paper style, and sample question paper for their upcoming exams.

On other hand, education institutes can get more exposure, by updating seats available for particular course. Also can give lucrative offers/options to students who are finding it difficult to come to some conclusion.


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Book your favourite restaurant and know the special of the Day in advance!

Especially during festive season, 80% of people use Z channel. One can book table in advance for their families or special one, and enjoy dinner without having to be on a wait list! Know all about their specials before booking.

In turn, restaurants can send promotions and tell about newly introduced item added to their menu to the regular customers.


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Book your tickets from anywhere in the world through Z channel within minutes.

In travel business, about 67% use Z channel. Travel agencies can know where one is interested to travel and they can benefits by pushing lucrative offers, promotions and discounts to the customers regarding that particular place.

Same way people following can be aware of promotional offers and discounts to their favourite destinations.


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Just type in your location and you will get a list of doctors, pharmacies etc.. in your area.

In Healthcare industry 70% use Z channel. Patients can easily get in touch with hospitals and pharmaceuticals. Patients can know what kind of treatments and medicines are available or required.

In turn hospitals benefit by giving preference to the person who is in more need of treatment in that particular area.


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Even on moving Day, don’t miss your work out!!!

About 85% in this industry use this to get by newly moved people in an area, update their class timings and also discounts given for couples and families.

Also each individual can use Z channel to know about gyms, yoga classes or aerobics classes available in their area. Can also have personal coaches or instructors coming home to teach their children.

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