ZORO – Chat and Buy with Business Bots

Why should chatbot be limited only to corporates?

ZORO gives the power for chatbot to every local business: Retail, Restaurant, Education institute, Doctors, Tours and travel company, hotels, clubs and many more

Are you a local retail or restaurant or a travel operator?

ZORO is perfect app to make your business viral and engage your consumers especially Millennial. Click here to create your bot assisted Z channel and get listed on ZORO app

If you are a aggregator of business or government departments, example shopping mall, state government or national government, and want to aggregate Z channel(s) of businesses near you in your mobile app, please contact us – connect@zoro.im

How does it work?


Download ZORO app

from Android play store or iOS app store

Download ZORO app

Register your business either from ZORO app

- Go to my channel section and create new channel

– Wait for us to approve it

Or from website registration page

from Android play store or iOS app store

Register your business

Depending on reach of your business, we will approve your channel as a local, national or global channel. Local channel will be visible to consumers of your city. National channel will be visible to consumers of entire country and global channel will be visible to anybody globally.

Example, if you have a retail showroom in Mumbai city (India) than it will quality as a local channel for Ahmedabad city. But if you have a restaurant across various cities in India, than your channel will quality as National channel for India. And if you are a news agency with global reach, than your channel will quality as Global channel

Download ZORO app

You will receive notification inside ZORO app and an email

with credentials of your portal, when your

channel is approved

Register your business

Login to portal to add categories, products and services of your business –

this is required for your chatbot to function. Your chatbot will be

automatically created based on the information you enter.

Login to portal

While adding products, you can also add images and mention various other parameters such as price, discounted price, inventory, colors, sizes

Imagine, this as your full-fledged eCommerce backend portal. What more? You can even get your eCommerce enabled website in one click with same products, services reflected. Now start selling on your website as well along with ZORO app.

Register your business

Your chatbot is fully functional to engage with your consumers -

your business has the most advance communication

and chatbot technology!

Login to portal

We assume that you have limited technical skills, hence we have made it easy for you to create a chatbot with “easy” mode. If you think, you are a high-tech and can do more complex stuff, than try our “advance” mode to edit or add more features to your chatbot. Beware, don’t mess up your existing chatbot, or else you will have to contact us to fix it.

Register your business

You will get a unique URL of your channel – example: xxxxxx

Share this will all your consumers with SMS, whatsapp, facebook and/or email to increase your followers.

You can even insert ZORO app logo in your website next to facebook, twitter with your Z channel URL

You will also receive a customized ZORO banner in your email, that you can stick in your door. This way, your consumers will start following you in ZORO app

Login to portal

Your consumers will shop your products and services over your

Z channel in a very intuitive chat style

Register your business

You will receive notifications when any
purchase is done

Login to portal

When your consumer comes to your shop or if you visit your consumer’s house for delivery, you can validate the order with your mobile app by scanning the bar-code

Register your business

Engage your followers by sending regular updates, surveys,polls – example, if you have got a new product take a picture andbroadcast to all followers. If you have upcoming sale or discount,inform that to your consumers.

Login to portal

2-way Chat – ZORO offers you 2-way chat with your followers. If any of your follower asks you a question, it will come-up in your inbox and you have option to reply back to that consumer 1x1. You can stay connected and send direct messages to this consumer in future too.

Register your business

Attract nearby consumer by putting iBeacon in your store. Whenever a consumer is near your store, he/she will get a unique pop-up inside Z channel of ZORO app – You can inform them about “offer of the day” or about special deals to attract them to visit your store

Login to portal